Enjoy excellent extra income from the internet!

How to Get Excellent Income From The Internet, I Will Explain To You Now.

To sign up for sites, click on their links and at the same time read the instructions I've written below on this page:
  On this page, I'll show you how to sign up for sites, how to get direct referrals, and how to get your earned dollars.

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The first site is NEOBUX, sign up through this link:
(mouse click)
NeoBux is a website where you watch short ads and thus make money online. NeoBux is a company that has been registered and paid since 2008 without any problems and has always been correct.
No pre-financing is invested, and the time needed is no more than 20 minutes. Ads run continuously at different times of the day!
Profits accrue in this sense relatively quickly.
The most important steps are to become a Golden Member and Ultimate Member .

How to register with Neobux?

Click on "register" to start the registration and follow the instructions below on the image:

The way Neobux makes money is through referrals

  The more you have, the faster you make money. There are two types of referrals, and they are direct and rented.
Direct are people you directly joined the site - relatives, friends, and everyone who signed through your link. You can copy your URL link from the Global - Baners menu. The best ways to get direct referrals is to advertise on another site with money, to join friends or relatives, to make your own page like mine and the use of traffic exchange websites where you view the pages other people and then they are watching you.
Hired referrals are still real people, but they have signed up without being hired by anyone, and you hire them from NeoBux at first for 30 days. But many people make the mistake of hiring permanently without leaving money to renew the period of these hired referrals. Hired referrals cost you $ 0.2 per month. Most will be inactive, but some will be. You have the option to recycle the inactive, which will cost you $ 0.07.
Your goal is to get Ultimate Member and have 4199 hired referrals and as many direct referrals as possible. Remember that patience and perseverance are the most important.

Detailed information about Neobux

Gain from a Viewed Ad .....................................

Minimum withdrawal amount

Time between the withdrawal request and the money transfer .......................................

Online payment sites ................................

Number of ads per day ...........

Referral program
$ 0.001 for Standard User
$ 0.01 for a Gold User

For the first draw, the minimum is $ 2, for each subsequent one it increases by $ 1, $ 3, $ 4, etc., until it reaches $ 10. For each subsequent draw, the minimum is fixed at $ 10. There is a small fee that is different for PayPal, Payza and Neteller and depends on the amount you want to download


PayPal, Payza, Neteller

Fixed: 4 for Standard User and
9 for a Gold User
By advertisers: 10-25 at different times of the day

* One level (we only win from our direct referrals, but not from theirs)
* Standard member - $ 0.0005 per ad
* Gold member - $ 0.005 per ad

1. Neobook is the second most popular chat site on the web. Created in May 2008, it is headquartered in Portugal and is one of the typical fly-host sites.
2. Paying. Neobux has never had any problems with late or unpaid payments.
3. Forum. The site has a very active forum, with very friendly users and administrators, always ready to help with any problem on the part of the user.
4. Instant payment. Positive option for each PTC site. While in many others we have to wait 24 hours, 7 days, and maybe even more, with Neobook we get our money automatically after the request is sent.
5. Second password. A second password is a useful option, providing additional security for site users. We recommend everyone to use it.
6. Bonuses. For every ad we've seen, we're able to win $ 0.50 every hour. Users who have watched ads in the last 1 hour are eligible to participate in the draw. The earned amount is added to the main balance, and everyone can do whatever they think.
7. Direct referrals. The site has a pretty flexible referral scheme that favors users over time from registration. The longer we are members of Neobux, the greater is our limit for direct referrals.

Working with the system

You do not have to implement the 100% strategy,
you can always stop hiring referrals,
just keep them up and pull the money into your bills

First step
From the main screen, select the View Advertisements button. Ads are divided into several sections marked in a different color. Click the first ad of any section. A small red dot appears. Click on it. A new ad content screen opens. You do not need to read the ad and press anything. A yellow bar appears at the bottom of the screen, which gradually fills the line. When the order is completed, a text containing the Close button appears at the top of the screen next to the NeoBux name. Press it and the processed screen will close. You already have a charge for the processed ad. Go to next. This is how you process all the ads for the day.
If your ad is gray, you have already seen it or reached the view limit. NeoBux has a sound notification plug-in for new ads that are out of the box, which will increase your revenue multiple times at the beginning. The plugin is called AdAlert and you can find it at the bottom right when you log in to your account. From the account settings, you can choose which signal to issue.
Ads are divided into several sections marked in a different color
Second step
Once you get $ 2 from ad clicks, transfer those $ 2 from your main balance to the rental balance. Do not make the mistake of hiring referrals when you get $ 0.6, as most people do. Yes, you can hire 3 referrals, but you will not have the money to maintain them after their deadline. Wait for $ 2. Yes, it may take time to get $ 2 by yourself, but you will have the money to maintain your new referrals and recycle the inactive. You decide yourself which ones to recycle, but I think you need to recycle referrals that have not last clicked for the last 4 days, or have less average clicks of 1.5 per day after they have been your hired referrals for at least 10 days.
Step Three
With $ 2 in your rental balance, it's time to hire 3 referrals. At this time, turn on auto-pay for your hired referrals (autopay), this feature is on the same recruited referral page. This will automatically increase the number of active referrals by 1 day, each day they are active, and thus save 15% of their rentals instead of buying them again for 30 days. If you still have 2 days of hired referral, extend the deadline by another 30 days.
One tip. Do not take this $ 2 to try if you pay. Many people make this mistake. I assure you that they are perfectly legitimate.
Step Four
Continue to hire 3 referrals when you have $ 2 in your account. When you have more money in your account, you can start hiring more referrals. Use the 33% rule (hire 33% of all your referrals), so you will have the means to recycle inactive referrals and extend active referrals. When you get 300 hired referrals, stop hiring new referrals and just keep them up.
Step Five
When your balance sheet reaches $ 100, use $ 90 of them to buy a Golden Member Upgrade. 3 times a year there is a reduction in the Golden upgrade from 90 to 70 dollars. This is in connection with some anniversaries or holidays. One discount is at the end of March and the beginning of April, the other is at the end of October and the beginning of November, and the third at Christmas, you have to keep track of the information on the site, these discounts usually apply 2-3 days, do not miss them, you will save $ 20 a year from an upgrade. Your hired referrals will immediately begin to pay you 1 cent per click instead of 0.5 cents. You will double the revenue from recruited referrals.
Sixth step
Let's hire new referrals. Having enough money to keep them up and to change inactive. When you get 1200 referrals, stop renting and start accumulating money on your balance sheet.
Seventh Step
As soon as you have enough money, become a Ultimate Member. It is quite expensive, but there are more benefits. The most important thing is - the automatic change of inactive referrals in 7 days, for which you will not give any money. They also give you 15 guaranteed ads each day 2 cents each. They also give you 30 days of vacation during which you will not need to click on the ads to get money from your referrals. Like many other benefits.
Eighth step
Continue to hire referrals until you reach 4000-4199 referrals. When you reach them, stop hiring referrals. Stop automatic payments and start renting your referrals for a longer period - 150 or 240 days, with more discounts for more days. For 240 days, the discount is 30% and for automatic payment (autopay) is 15%. The best strategy when you buy Ultimate Member is to let the automatic exchange system replace the inactive referrals in 7 days and maybe replace the unexpected referrals with average clicks below $ 0.6 and who have been referenced for 14+ days.
Step Nine
The best time to withdraw money is when you have a good income of 4000-4199 referrals, but most people have no patience to wait so long. Absolutely the earliest time that I recommend to raise money is when you are a Golden Member. Keep in mind that the faster you reach 4000-4199 referrals, the more money you will make in a long time than if you were getting it earlier.
Useful tips
* After every ad you watch, you receive 3 AdPrize (AdPrize) unpaid short ads (3 or sometimes on holidays), where you can earn from $ 0.25- $ 50, including free Golden Member and NeoPoints.

* Drag your plugin for your AdAlert browser, which informs you about new ads. It is at the bottom of the page when you log in to your account.

* You can increase your NeoBux income by distributing your direct referral link, which you receive for 15 days after you have registered. For these direct referrals you do not pay a penny. They bring you income while you are active.

* You can only have one Neobux account. Do not try to do much because you will be locked up all of them. Do not try to cheat in any way.

* There are many people in the forum ready to help you with any questions.

* You may think it will take a long time, but you will actually need 20 minutes a day. The most important thing is to be patient and constant and you will soon see fantastic results and passive income faster than you think.

What is AdPrize?
AdPrize is a game where you receive three AdPrize rewards for each ad you view. Every day money and rewards are given away. (Below I will explain why the neo-points can be used) As the awards given each day are:

If you do not use AdPrize attempts within one hour, they will expire. To do so, click on the green box with the digits where "AdPrize" is written and start browsing the ads. The examination is the same as the above and lasts for 5 seconds. They are located under the ads on the right.

Prizes every hour
Neobux gives 12 awards of $ 0.50 to each of their users, which are accrued to the balance. To do this, you should have watched ads in the last hour so you can participate in the raffle. Each view ad gives you one ticket for the raffle, so the more ads you watch, the more chances you have to win.

What are NeoPoints Points?
Each ad viewed receives 1 NeoPoints point. NeoPoints points can also be obtained from the lottery I mentioned above. With them you can buy places for direct referrals, buy a premium account or recycle recruited referrals. As well as extending the term of recruited referrals.

Purchase 1 direct referral = 500 NeoPoints
Recycling 1 referral is = 93 NeoPoints,
To buy a premium account for one year, you need 30,000 NeoPoints points.

Transfer amount from current balance sheet
to the balance to buy referrals

Press the button with your name to bring up the main menu. Check the current balance you have (it's right next to your name). I press the GLOBAL - SYMMARY buttons. In the middle of the screen I find the text RENTAL BALANCE and press the blue button with the + sign.
I'm opening a new screen that offers me the ways to charge money. I choose Main Balance, but I can also pay with my own money through Payza or PayPall.
I indicate the amount I have and want to be transferred to the referral purchase balance. I press the long blue button Transfer from your main balance. The operation is executed if it is correct.


buy referrers

- through RENTAL BALANCE funds
To borrow / buy / referral, you must have earned at least $ 0.60, which takes about 15 days, and you must have transferred it to RENTAL BALANCE. This is the price for 3 referrals. Press the button with your name to bring up the main menu. On the right side of the screen, you find the Referrals button. If you have a balance of at least $ 0.60, the button will turn green. This allows you to make a purchase. Select the package for which you have funds and press the button below. You can see the purchased referrals from the main menu - Referrals -> Renred.

- through RENTAL BALANCE loopholes
You can extend the referral term by 30 days by paying 253 bouts.

Profit from referrals

After purchasing referrals, you can see their earnings. Press the button with your name to bring up the main menu. I press the GLOBAL - SYMMARY buttons. In the middle of the screen I find the RENTAL Balance text and press the blue button with the> sign. You see your referrals. Referrals earn a daily profit of $ 0.02 if they have 4 clicks in a day (see the corresponding column). Unfortunately, the rental period expires and when it happens, you have to extend it - it costs $ 0.006 a day. This is done automatically if you chose the AutoPay option. If the referral is not working for more than 4-5 days, or in the AVG field, the average number of clicks falls below 1.5, you will be at a loss, so the referral must be recycled. This is done by pressing the two green arrows against the referral. A message below appears. Press Yes! The referral has been replaced by another, but that costs you $ 0.07.
If you have the Autorenew option enabled, you agree that the non-working referrals are automatically replaced by the system. The bad thing is that this feature is done in 14 days when you are not an Upgrade user. This is not good for the starting level, because if the referral does not make a profit for 14 days, it is better to manually recycle. However, if you have the Autorenew option turned on, but you have referrals that work well, use the KEYWORD (click on it) to lock them and not automatically replace them.

Buying Ads

To promote your business, you can buy ads. In the main menu, right, click the Advertise button. Choose the type and number of clicks. You see the amount you have to pay. Select the payment system.




Make a paypal or payza account to withdraw your earnings.



In the following lines I will give you valuable information, read everything, it will be of great help to you. The Clixsense site can be handled both by a smartphone and a tablet, except for a desktop computer and a laptop. But with Neobux, you can only click on ads from a computer or a laptop, not from a smartphone and a tablet. This requirement is written on the site. I want to warn you that there are hundreds of PTC sites on the web, but very few pay for their members, most do not. Those I have said are serious, correct and well-established sites that regularly pay their members. Such new sites, which initially (several months) pay , then stop paying or disappearing completely, are coming out continuously. There are some scars that can be recognized, but then it is not certain. Some time ago I was engaging with many other sites, but I was disappointed with their unfair behavior, and now I have concentrated and limited myself with these two sites, which are enough for a reasonable profit . I advise you to get referrals to increase your profit . Advertise your referral links and this will happen. I want to warn you in advance that there is no easy money. Many people involved in this activity advertise it as easy money, but that is not the case. As I said, it requires a lot of patience and perseverance, even at least a small initial investment for faster development. These people also write quite high sums as a monthly profit of the order of $ 1,800. Not that this amount is unattainable. It is achievable with the correct development of the referral system and proper management strategies for this kind of activity, but it requires a lot of work, consistency, time, money investment and especially people who know what they are doing. A real sum of monthly income is 500 leva. This is not so unreachable and within a few months to one year of applying and following the instructions and guidance on this site, you can enjoy success.
Do not miss your work every day because ads are not accumulating - missed ads today are missed forever. You lose and the accrual of your referrals for those days.
A good way to advertise your referral links is by posting ads on the ad sites. There are hundreds of free and paid ads sites. Of course, the paid ones are watched more by the demanding users, but if you do not spend money you can also satisfy with free ads. Just write "free classified sites" to Google and hundreds of ads will appear. You can run multiple ads on a single site under different headings and headings, but leading to the site, blog, page, etc. that you advertise. to make your ads more visible. Some sites offer a daily update of your ads, which raises them to higher positions where ads are viewed more, but these sites are few, for the most part there is no such option. I personally delete everyday and post new ads (the same) to be on top of the sites because I do not pay for TOP and VIP ads. You can get a free blog at this address: www.blogger.com , and you can also create a free web site at this address: www. or www.ovo.bg. It is not difficult, everything is very easy. When you reach a stage where you can set up funds for paid ads, you can also afford to invest in Google and its paid advertising directories, Google AdWords and Google AdSense. There are free ways to popularize and SEO optimize your site to show up in Google's search engine. Visit these directories: http://odb36.blogspot.com ; http://webvisuality.com ; http://ganbox.com ; http://violleta.com ; http://webdir.bg ; http://napravisisait.com . On the web you can find information on any question you are interested in, as long as you have the desire and the patience to go for it, everything is served to you in a tray. From a seven-year personal experience, I say to you that the better the strategy is to get direct referrals rather than hired, because the direct ones do not require any maintenance and only bring you profit at no cost and the hired ones are usually inactive and have to recycle them frequently generating costs, even if they are active, they always require maintenance such as lengthening the rental period (re-renting) which is also an expense. This is also a good luck to get active busy referrals that cover your costs and earn you even profit. As I obviously miss this luck, I have very few active recruited referrals, and that's why I rely mainly on the direct referrals I get on the methods outlined above.

Another important tip - do not limit yourself and do not rely solely on Bulgarian referrals, try to find foreign referrals you can get from traffic exchange sites, the main one and the best one is: http: //www.easyhits4u Traffic exchange sites are used to generate traffic - visits to your site. It's like watching other sites, and you can pay and buy credits to advertise your site on the web without having to view the ads on other sites. I will recommend another traffic exchange site that is also good like EasyHits4U, you do not have to constantly snap in the 20 seconds of the timer, and this is done automatically by a program (HitLeap Viewer 2.8) you will install on your computer after signing up here - https://hitleap.com/by/mitik75 . In the site you will find the place where you will download the auto-surfing and traffic-generating program to your site. The advantage here is that you do not need to be at the computer at all, everything is working and things happen. There are also many other such sites, look for them in Google.

For questions use my email:





PTC sites - a pyramid or a business

When a person falls on the first such site, he wonders if this is not a pyramid and who will give money for such a thing. Indeed, real money is earned here. This is an activity from which everyone earns both the site and you as a site user, as well as the advertiser itself.
These sites are a kind of network marketing. But here they do not make you buy anything and sell it. You do not use any of your funds here. You can quit at any time without losing absolutely nothing. These sites work with real advertisers and do not generate any losses. They are always profitable. In order to keep a large part of their users, these sites offer referral programs from which you will earn a decent income. Evidence of payment can be found on the site.
These sites now enable everyone to win. So you decide. Even if you can not attract people to you, you can still make money out of this activity. True less, but the money from the ad you are watching goes to your pocket, not to someone else.


What kind of referrals are there?


There are two types of referrals - direct and hired.
Direct - these are people who understand about the existence of the respective PTC site thanks to us. When you give a friend or acquaintance with your unique reference link and he / she registers through him / her, this person automatically becomes your referrer, and for any viewing advertisement or performance you receive a bonus without losing any of it. The idea is to attract active users. If someone simply writes as your referral, but does nothing, you also do not earn anything. The more and more active referrals you have, the more you earn.

Hire - these are people who have not registered through a reference link to their acquaintance, but directly through the home page of the site. When you sign up by clicking on the "I declare I have read, understood and accept the terms of use" checkbox, the user agrees to be provided and used by the site as a referral agent. This way, other users can rent it for a certain period of time and earn money for the ads they view, paying a certain rent on the site for that purpose. The registered new user loses nothing of being a recruitment referral.




Payment in any serious and secure PTC or GPT site is via online payment sites. The most famous and well-established are PayPal and Payza. If a PTC or GPT site requires a bank account number or a debit / credit card instead of a PayPal account for example, it is almost certainly a trick and it is advisable not to deal with it. All legitimate sites work with online payment sites. From PayPal (for example) you decide whether you will get your money by check, debit / credit card or directly to your bank account. Most advantageous in view of the low commission is to work with a debit card (Visa Classic example)




Now I want to pay attention to the next site
click on the link:



This is the site that will help you get direct referrals and develop your referral system to make better money. The site is easy to work, there is a menu in Bulgarian. In it, you can advertise your link to your page, blog or site you've made, and where you offer your referral links for Neuksx and Clixens, and you can simply advertise your referral links themselves to cliks and inuks. The job is to make credits by watching other sites. For 100 credits (viewed 100 sites or ads) you get 100 views on your site, blog, page, ad, or referral links. Make sure you take advantage of it, it will do a great job of expanding your business!



PayPal is the most popular electronic payment system . It is an electronic alternative to traditional checks and bank transfers. Its users can be: private individuals, merchants, big companies and corporations. It is owned by eBay Inc., with more than 90 percent of eBay payments being made through PayPal.

With PayPal, anyone with a valid email can transfer money to another person by email. The initiator must first open a PayPal account and secure it with funds. The PayPal account can be secured by credit, debit card or bank account. In order to receive the money , the recipient may request a check from PayPal, open a PayPal account, or specify a bank account to transfer the amount. In this sense, PayPal is an intermediary that facilitates e-commerce around the world without disclosing financial information on transactions.

Since May 2007, PayPal has been able to send money from Bulgaria, and since October of that year Bulgarian consumers have been able to receive funds, thus opening many doors to the Bulgarian consumer.

With PayPal, you can pay anywhere where it is indicated with their logo or explicitly written on payment methods that this is possible.

The cards you can register in their system are:
Visa credit card;
debit card Visa Electron;
MasterCard credit card
credit card American Express;
Discover credit card.

There is another option with a prepaid card , but I personally do not see any sense in registering such a card. A Visa Electron debit card does a perfect job in this case, especially if it does not have monthly fees, this is the best solution

I have to warn you that PayPal does not accept all types of cards! Even if they write such cards, if the bank does not allow online payments with this type of cards, it will not accept it.


How do I sign up with PayPal?

Go to Paypal.com .

Once you have entered the site, start signing up by clicking on "Sign Up".

A page will then open to you to choose between two types of accounts: ordinary and business.

If you are not a company, you need a simple account.

Then we go to the registration form. There you have to fill in everything correctly, necessarily in Latin and your name is written in English in the same way as on documents and on your bank cards.

We already have a registration form filled out with all the necessary data and we can go ahead by creating the "Agree and create account" account.

You may also be asked to fill in the code from the picture. I think it does not make sense to show it to you and to explain what it is, so we are moving forward.

We also need to register our first card in the system. This is also the first stage of registering your bank card. Write everything carefully and accurately.

With everything filled in, press "Continue" and transfer you to the account you already made, but do not think you are done

We have not done the hardest yet, namely to deal with this problem: . This means the card is not confirmed. From here on, you should verify the card by clicking on the link "Get Verified". It is important to do so. This will confirm that you are its owner. And some sites have a condition that your account be verified.

Make sure you have availablity on the card you have registered, because in the next steps of PayPal you will be withdrawn 1.50 €. Against this transaction, you will get the so-called "PayPal Code". You will find it in your monthly statement or the statement of all payments with your card to the bank. Ie. or you'll have to go to the bank and look for your code, or if you have online banking in the bank, you'll get your own code from the statement. This amount will be refunded to your PayPal account when you enter the code and confirm the card.

We come to this window where, if you have missed the registration step on the map, you will need to do so. You already know what needs to be filled here ..:

After graduating you will see this:

Once you get your code, you go back to the verification link and enter it :

So ... Almost ready.

There was only one more confirmation. It's getting fast

From now on, I think you know what to do ... You go to your email with which you registered and confirm.

And once you've done everything, I just left to tell you ... Congratulations! You already have a full PayPal account that you can pay and get money with just a few clicks.

Send money

When you want to send money to someone, first you need to know that you will need the recipient's email and will send the money through it. Here's how it works:

You go to "Send Payment". Fill in the recipient's e-mail, then the amount you want to send, and select the required currency for the purpose. You also have several options to choose from. They act as a basis for payment.

After completing everything you need, continue with the "Continue" button and then confirm with "Send Money".

Receiving of money

When you receive money through PayPal, they should be reflected directly on PayPal's balance sheet on the main page, and you may have "Accept" and "Deny" options. Ie. accept or reject the payment / amount received. Here's a screenshot of PayPal: CAC .

You have received money, but you do not have an account at Peipal

Yes, there is also this option when someone has transferred you an amount without asking, do you have pepal or not.

If this happens, you will receive an email with which Peip Pal notifies you that there is an amount sent to you.

What you need to do to get your money is to sign up, that is, to make Pepeal. Your registration must be mandatory with the email to which the amount has been sent and the notification letter has been received for you.

Once you already have an account, you must verify your email address by following the steps described above.

When you have completed the registration and confirmation of your email address, the amount received must already be reflected in your account.

In this case, be very vigilant, because you can easily be deceived. Lately, I have often contacted deceived people. In short, the scheme is as follows:

You get a fake email with a sum of money, as the sender begins to tell you that in order to get your money you have to transfer money through Western Union or MoneyGram. Do not do this at all!

When you receive a notification email for a winning amount, please note that after you have made a PayPal account with a verified email address, the money sent will be required to be reflected on the main page of your account! If this does not happen, then this is a scam!

How to transfer a balance from Peipal to your personal bank account

First of all, you should know that when you get some money , you need to look for it on your balance sheet at Peipal and not in your bank account! It is logical, but I have received such questions as well

To transfer your money from Peipal to your personal account, you need to go to "My Account" -> "Withdraw" -> "Withdraw Funds to Your Card". Then you choose your card (account) fill in the amount you want to send to your personal account and give "Continue". Just confirm with the "Confirm" button.

Funds transferred will be reflected in your personal bank account within 2-3 business days.

For this procedure, PePal will charge you a 2 € fee regardless of how big it is.

What to do when we need to claim a sum from someone?

Here I will explain very briefly how to ask for a sum of money from someone, if necessary.

First you will need to go to the "Request Money" menu. There you will see a button called "Request Money".

After selecting the "Request Money" button, you will see a page that has an email address field at the top. Fill in the email address of the person from whom you will request the amount or choose it from the drop-down menu, if possible.

Next, fill in the desired amount and select the currency in which you want to pay. You also need to put a pumpkin of those listed to clarify what the payment is .

If you're done with the steps on this page, just click "Continue" and confirm with "Request Money".

How do I refund somebody? (from seller / trader)

In order to execute the buyer's request to return the money , first keep in mind that this can happen within 60 days of the date of purchase. If this deadline is dropped, then you as a merchant, you are not obliged to return money to the buyer.

If you are a good soul, and still want to recover the amount of a man after that time, you can always send it to him in the usual way.

Here's how to get a refund:

First, on the main page where the transactions are written, you must find the payment the buyer made to you. To make it easier to find, you can only select the payments received from "Payments received".

Once you find it, you give it to "Details". You have an "issue refund" option there. Click and then fill in the required information in the fields and continue with "continue". To confirm the action, click the "issue refund" button.

How to cancel your Peep Pal account

Although I think it's nice to have your Pepepal account always at hand, it's not a bad idea to know how it works

Account closing is very simple, just go from the "My Account" menu to "Profile" and then in the "My settings" submenu. On the first line where it says "Account type" on the right you will find "Close account".

forgotten password

Yes, I get such questions too. Strange, but a fact!

And since Peipal offers several solutions in case you forget your password and can not sign in, there are three ways you can solve the problem:

- I do not know my password / I do not remember the password
I do not know which email address I used
- I do not know either / I do not remember either.

The last option, however, is very craftily invented ... For a case where, besides the password, you do not remember your email address with which you are registered. Then you have three fields where you can enter three different email addresses and possibly one of them is the correct one.

What should I do when the debit / credit card expires?

When your card expires and you need to replace it in the bank, you must know that it is not necessary to re-register it and validate it in your PayPal account!

When you've renewed your card, the front number remains the same. Only the three important digits on the back of your card (CVV) and the expiration date will be different. Accordingly, in PePal, all you have to do is change these two things. Here's how it works:

Go to "Profile" -> "Add / Edit Credit Card". Select the map you want to change and give it "edit".

Once you've reached the card change page, just go to the last two lines of "Expiration date" and "Enter your CSC" and update them.



additional income, work from home, online business, network money
additional income, work from home, online business, network money
additional income, work from home, online business, network money
additional income, work from home, online business, network money
additional income, work from home, online business, network money
additional income, work from home, online business, network money

additional income, work from home, online business, network money